• Never have student loans hang

    over your head again

    We are a social venture obsessed with improving

    college affordability for middle-income families


  • LearnFund is an alternative to PLUS and private student loans

    We invest in students, in exchange for a portion of their salary

    Income-based repayments & no interest, so you'll never fall behind

  • You're Not Like Most Students

    You're serious about school and already looking ahead to your career

    And want a career accelerator to climb the corporate ladder that will care as much about your career as you do

    You know that debt can be risky since a great job isn't guaranteed after school

    And want an alternative that doesn't require fixed payments even if you can't afford them

  • How It Works

    We Don't Lend Money, Charge Interest Rates, or Require Fixed Repayments

    Instead, we pay for school in exchange for a portion of your future salary. For example, a student getting $10,000 in LearnFund funding will payback 3-8% of their income for 8 years after graduation. You pay a fixed percent of your income -- not a fixed amount.

    Competitive to Federal PLUS Loans; Cheaper than Private Loans

    We use data science to provide a quote that's unique for your major, school, and GPA - making your total payments competitive with PLUS Loans and cheaper than private loans. Since we're income-based, there are no obligations to repay a certain amount.

    True Partners to Your Success - Free Career and Salary Negotiation Coaching

    The more successful you are, the more successful we are. No, really - because our interests are aligned.

    We don't just care about job placement -- we care about making you as successful as possible.

    Free career advising from graduates of Stanford and other top schools.

  • Compare Your Options


    LearnFund Funding

    Full repayment required?



    Long-term obligation with principal balance?



    Interest accrues over time?



    Payment terms

    Usually 10-20 years

    10 years or less

    Fixed payments regardless of income?



    True partner to help build your career?



    Academic/grade requirement?



  • We're A Good Fit For...

    Middle-class parents who are worried about debt impacting major life decisions.

    You already have a mortgage or car payments to make. You're worried that too much debt can prevent you from retiring or making other life decisions. You want to give your child a great education but in a way that doesn't create stumbling blocks later on.

    Career-minded students who know that nothing is guaranteed.

    You're a grad student or a college junior or senior. You're serious about your career, but know that getting a great job isn't guaranteed. You're OK taking out some loans, but don't love the idea of interest and fixed obligations.

  • Apply Now

    Check If You Qualify

    See if you qualify in less than 2 minutes. The application is free and we’ll check if you're eligible for LearnFund.

    Compare With Debt Options

    Compare LearnFund's competitive offer with traditional student loans. Choose what is best for you and your financial future.

    Your Partner in Your Career

    We don’t choose customers — we choose amazing students to back financially. A senior team member will answer your questions and bring you on board.

  • More Details

    Fair & Reasonable Payment Cap

    Your maximum payments are capped at 2.5x the amount we've funded, so you never overpay even if you have a very successful career. You won't be in a payment status if you make less than $25,000/year.

    Defer your obligations for grad school & leaving the workforce

    While in school or if you voluntarily leave the workforce, your repayments will 'toll' or be paused (similar to in-school deferment) and not be in payment status for up to five years. Your payment term will be extended by the amount of time you are in school or take off.

    Refinancing/Consolidations Considered

    We'll consider not just loan originations but also consolidations of existing loans - so please apply and we'll be in touch!

    Rates Not Solely Based on Credit

    We'll take your credit into account, and if a student has had a collection or credit action against them that is paid or unpaid, their application will not be approved. That said, we're much more concerned about your future income potential - another reason why we can be more affordable than traditional loans.

    Cosigners not required

    We require no cosigners - we're true partners to your career, not someone else's.

    Your have a buffer before repayments begin

    All students receive a six-month grace period post-graduation before payments begin - and remember, these are based only on your income.